Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chiller Part 2

Butch Patrick and Me

Brooke and Butch Patrick
4/28/12 Day 2 at Chiller Convention.  I didn't meet that many new people because I didn't have a lot of money left.  I did know that I wanted to get Butch Patrick's autograph on a poster I had of the Munsters.  I never dreamed of ever getting it signed because most of the cast has passed away.  I was glad that I got to meet Butch Patrick.  When I met him he said that he was only signing pictures 8x10.  Mine wasn't that small and I was shocked.  Literally I went from happy to sad.  Then he said just kidding and told his sister did you see her face. He was laughing while I was confused and shocked.  He was a cool guy.  I took a picture with him and he was really nice he took one with my sister too.

Brooke, Me and Cathy Moriarty

Me and Cathy Moriarty

Brooke and Cathy Moriarty

Brooke, Me and Cathy Moriarty

Brooke, Me and Cathy Moriarty
Then we started to walk around and we decided to head over to Cathy Moriarty.  Brooke had wanted to get a picture, but we didn't get one yesterday.  Cathy is AMAZING!  We kept talking with her and we were just having fun.  She let us have a group picture and then take them individually.  She knew we would want one by ourselves because she has twin's of her own. When it was Brooke's turn to take one by herself I stood in the background making a funny face.  I really couldn't resist.  But don't worry we went back later in the day to get another one.  I explained and showed her the picture and she laughed.  She didn't know I did that.  She was really kind about it and let my sister take another picture.  

We then went to meet Holly Marie Combs again because I had season one of the show Picket Fences that I wanted to get signed.  I handed it over and she looked surprised.  I guess no one had asked her to sign one yet that day or this whole weekend.  It was really cool.  I even went to thank her for the picture that I took with her and Brian Krause.  I love this picture.
(the picture is on the first chiller post).

I then decided to have some fun.  If anyone watches The Ellen Degeneres show then you might know something called 'Dance Dares".  I went to different stars and danced behind them.  Some of the dances were just to funny.  I asked permission for each star that I got because I didn't want to upload something that they did not approve of.  Especially if I'm dancing really bad behind them.  A lot of them started laughing and got a big kick out of it.   Here is the video link to the dance dares.

Brooke and Dean Cain
Later in the day Brooke wanted to get a picture with Dean Cain.  So we went to get a picture with Dean Cain.  He was really cool and amazing.  Not to mention he's really HOT!!

For a few more hours we kept talking to some stars that were walking around.  It was a lot of fun.  I am really happy that I came to Chiller Convention.  All the people were just so kind.


  1. Can you tell me how much Cathy Moriarty was charging for autograph? Was it an extra cost for a photo with your own camera? Thanks!!

    1. She didn't have a camera person so it was only going to be taken with your own camera. I think it $20. She was really cool and let us take a lot of pictures. Which I was shocked.