Friday, April 27, 2012

Chiller Part 1

I have been waiting so long for 4/27/12 to come.  Why you ask well let me tell you.  This day is the first day of the chiller convention in Jersey.  I'm not a jersey girl,  but I found out Brian Krause and Holly Marie Combs were going to be there and I knew I had to go.  Charmed is a big part of my life and one of my goals in life is to meet everyone in Charmed.

Brooke and I got into the hotel early because we got an early train into Jersey so we checked into the hotel and then waited around in the main event area.  I stood by a ramp where Brian Krause was and started talking to him.  
Me and Brian Krause
I said hi.  And he said hi and said what ya doing and he said drinking water and its wet.  I responded that's good its wet otherwise it would just be weird.  I became awkward and when he wasn't looking I turned around and made this "OMG" face.  Finally I was able to go into the event because they were letting general admission in.  I went straight to the Holly Marie Combs line.  It was long and I wanted a spot and Brooke said go see Brian first because the line was shorter.  I went to meet him and I was like aaaah.  I was extremely awkward because I was just so nervous.  This all felt like a dream.  I just couldn't believe it was real.  I spoke too much.  But he was really cool and down to earth.  I even got to take a picture with him.

Me and Holly Marie Combs
Then I went back to my spot on the line for Holly Marie Combs.  We had to wait a little bit but it wasn't so bad.  By the time I knew it I was in the front of the line.  Holly Marie Combs was so sweet.  I'm talking like a blabber mouth and I keep talking and talking.  I talk a lot when I get nervous and excited.  I even got to take a picture with her too. 

Brooke, Vincent Pastore and Me
Then I went to go see Linda Blair.  I promised a friend to get her an autograph for her because she's a fan.  While on the line we were right next to Vincent Pastore's table.  He's a really funny guy and I started talking to him.  We were joking around.  My sister really started to like him because how funny he was and wanted to get a picture.  I asked how much and he said your twins right?  I don't know how he knew but he was the only one to guess that. He said he would do a twin deal. (pay for one for the price of two).  My sister got an autograph and we both got a picture with him.

Brooke, John Astin and Me
Then we went to meet John Astin.  Brooke really wanted to meet him so we went.  We started chatting and my sister got a picture with him.  I even got in the picture which was cool.  I was kind of getting in all of the pictures with Brooke.  I like getting picture with stars.  Gives an interesting story to tell, and with out them I wouldn't have this blog.  He was a cool guy.  I forgot he was old because so many years has passed since the Adams Family in the 1960's.  It's weird to think it was that long ago.

Then my sister wanted to meet Cathy Moriarty. We were all having some fun.  I can't speak for Cathy Moriarty but I will speak for Brooke and me.  We were both laughing.  She even said we were funny and should have our own comedy routine. I really don't get how we're funny.  I know I'm funny but I think Brooke still needs to learn a few more jokes.  Then Brooke got her autograph.  We started to just walk around the convention and check out the stuff they had.  Of course any of the other celebrities I saw I would make jokes.  With Lou Ferrigno I tried making a muscle and then he made one.  It was a lot bigger muscle than mine.  I had lost that match.

Brian Krause, Me and Holly Marie Combs
Then around 8:40pm I really wanted to take a picture with Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause together.  I like getting professional looking pictures and doing something funny.  Oh my god was this picture funny.  I went in I said lets do something interesting.  Holly Marie combs asked what should we do.  I said I don't know with Rose Mcgowan she pretended to beat me up.  Holly then said she could see that.  So we take a picture and I was like what. It was a confusing moment.  I was wondering why she said and at first I thought she was talking about me being easily beat up.  Then when I left I think she meant Rose Mcgowan and now I want to know more about that.  It was just really funny and the picture came out pretty funny.  I can't wait to hang it up on my wall when I get home.


  1. Oh and the same question about John Astin. How much was the autograph/ photos?

    1. I think it was just $30. I don't remember exactly.