Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Danny Glover and Me and Security

Danny Glover and Me and Security
October 27, 2012 the second day of Chiller.  The first thing I did was when I got my bracelet to go to Chiller was go on line to meet Danny Glover.  I was so excited to hear he was doing his first convention and that it would be at Chiller.  I think its really cool to meet the celebs who do their first convention.  His line was long but it went pretty fast.  When I got up to him I got nervous and just said Hi.  He was really calm and relaxed.  When I got my picture security pushed me into the picture.  It was really funny because it looks like they are trying to pull me away from him in both pictures.  I LOVE IT!

Dustin Diamond and Me
After I met Danny Glover I rushed over to see Dustin Diamond.  I had seen him on Friday but didn't think about getting any pictures or autographs from him.  I decided to get a picture with him because he would of been the second star I met from Saved By The Bell.  He was very nice to everyone.  We had this joke going on about a cheeseburger.  When I saw him he had a cheeseburger with him so I said "When you were on your show did you eat a lot of cheeseburgers"?  I was referring to filming in a diner on Saved By The Bell.  And it became a funny joke.

Me and Cyril O'reily

Scott Colomby and Me

Me and Tony Ganios

Dan Monohan and Me

Me and Mark Herrier

Me and Mark Herrier

Kaki Hunter and Me
I then decided to walk around the convention to see the exhibits and the booths.  Then when I was done I went to see the Porky's cast.  First I went to see Tony Ganios.  He was really cool to meet.  He was down to earth and very kind.  I then met Scott Colomby.  He was very nice.  I would later that night run into him walking around outside of the hotel.  He was awesome.  Then I met Cyril O'Reily.  He was a cool guy to meet.  Next I met Mark Herrier.  Now this was a funny experience.  We took a picture and I said I felt really short like I do a lot.  Cause the first picture it looks like I'm really short.  And then we took another picture.  I stood on my tippy toes and he bent down.  It was really funny and then I said "Oh my god I'm almost tall.  YAY"!!  It was just very funny. Next I met Dan Monohan.  He was great to meet.  We got to talking about cameras.  It was very cool. The final cast member I met was Kaki Hunter.  She was very sweet.  She was talking to me about my hair.  That seemed to be a big topic with some people at Chiller.

Me and Jeremy London
Later that night I met Jeremy London outside during the party that was happening.  He was really cool and down to earth.  He was the last star that I met that day.  It was a great two days. Now I will show you some of the costumes that people wore at the party!!!!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 8D

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  1. Oh wow, the Porky's cast looks great, I am sorry I missed it...I feel that is probably one of the last times they might make a public appearance but you never know...