Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ian Ziering and Me
October 26, 2012 was the first day of an AWESOME weekend at CHILLER!!!!  On friday I planned on getting all the stars that I wanted to meet and then saturday I planned on just walking around.  I knew who I wanted to get but I didn't plan on who I was going to go see first.  Turns out I would just walk into a room and find Ian Ziering.  I had just planned on going into the room because I just wanted to see what was there.  I was with a friend who was on line waiting to get a ticket and said I would be right back.  Instead I got distracted.  I met Ian Ziering and he is a really down to earth normal guy.  He was awesome to meet.  We were having a nice chat and of course me being random I think I said a few random things.  Which is not a shocker.  It was really cool to meet him.

Eddie Deezen and Me
I then went to meet Eddie Deezen for my sister Brooke.  She has a VHS of Grease and she wanted him to sign it.  We already got Stockard Channing to sign it and want as many Grease stars to sign it.  Its actually really cool to think about it.  He was a really sweet guy.  He signed the VHS and then I got a picture with him.

Me and Billy Drago

Me and Billy Drago
Next I met was Billy Drago.  I'm a HUGE CHARMED fan and I was very excited to meet him.  I planned on meeting him at my first Chiller Convention but he had to cancel due to a schedule conflict.  When I met him I was like a giddy school girl.  I even started to jump like a little kid.  It was pretty funny to watch.  Billy Drago was adorable to meet.  He was so cool because he even jumped up too and it was just awesome.  I couldn't believe he could play the demon of fear on Charmed because he was just so sweet to everybody.

Penny Marshall and Me

Penny Marshall and Me
I then met Penny Marshall.  I was glad that I got to meet her and get a picture with her.  She's very popular and I have only seen her once in the city.  She was very cool to meet and I'm glad I got to meet her.

Me and Valerie Harper
Then I met Valerie Harper.  She was amazing to meet.  I finished watching The Mary Tyler Moore show a few weeks ago and she was the 3rd cast member I got to see in person.  It was very exciting for me.  When I met her I was very shy and nervous.  Normally I start conversations with anyone and it can be about anything.  This time I  was just so shy I barely said a word.  It was pretty shocking for me.

That was my first day of Chiller and it was FANTASTIC!!!!! I can't wait to share more about my second day at CHILLER!!!

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